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Complete one-year program for people who wish to create a solid investment strategy, prosperous businesses, and immigrate to the United States or Spain...

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During the year that we will be working together, every month we will have two to three one-to-one, confidential and personalized coaching sessions, in which we will create your action and investment plan and a defined process to achieve your financial, immigration and employment goals. business.

Participants in this program receive inside information on unique investment opportunities, the costs of tax, tax, immigration and real estate consultancy are included and can participate, by invitation only, in the VIP investor club of Business For Life.

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Our company Business For Life™, as its name suggests, is a Business for Life… and since we only have one life to live, but many businesses to do, our focus is to advise you on establishing and growing a balanced and fruitful investment business that make it easier for them to have a great quality of life and financial health.

Our specialty is advising our clients in the formation of their businesses, guiding and motivating them to make smart real estate investments. Our services are not limited to the purchase and sale of real estate only, they expand with complete advice on all aspects related to the real estate, legal and tax part and the administration of your investments and real estate businesses.

For people who wish to create a real estate business for the sale of properties, remodeling and administration, and obtain their visa as an investor and business, we have the business models that allow you to establish and operate them in the United States and Spain.

We create financial structures for your benefit according to your goals and your immigration-legal status. We work with real estate advisers who offer the best investment opportunities and other professionals specialized in each area of ​​your business, since our main interest is your well-being and that of your family. Our focus is on the relationship with our clients and not on the commission for a sale.


To achieve this goal, our primary role is business and personal coaching. The counseling (coaching) consists of:


  1. Assessment of your current state of business and life.

  2. Setting personal, family and business goals with real estate investments in the short, medium and long term, if you wish and it suits you.

  3. Coordination of the support team and work to help you achieve your goals.

  4. Periodic evaluations and adjustments of activities, to keep them focused on the set process.


In the foreign real estate market there are millions of properties for sale. Most of them are listed and their information is accessible in the MLS-multiple listing system. However, there are also properties marketed directly by their owners, as well as properties that the government and banks want to sell either at auctions, or with specialized real estate agencies and agents.


Our team specialized in the acquisition and marketing of government properties, banks and property owners with late payments, as well as auction negotiators in the court, generates a database with valuable information to acquire properties at a great price.


We exclusively advise our buyer-investor clients from the search and analysis of properties to the successful sale of their property.

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  • Analysis of your current situation.

  • Setting goals and preparing an action and investment plan.

  • Meetings to evaluate progress both face-to-face and virtual.

  • Coordination of legal advice for the purchase process, title and immigration status.

  • Coordination of tax advice for the purchase, title and tax reports.

  • Coordination of legal and immigration advice for the application, process and obtaining of your visa.

  • Real Estate Consulting for the offer, negotiation and sale of properties.

  • Advice on the design and remodeling of properties.

  • Advice on property, health and life insurance plans Investment plan and financial strategies in the short, medium and long term.

  • Public information of properties for sale both residential and commercial. Information on properties for sale by their owners directly.

  • Detailed market assessment before preparing bids.

  • Innovative strategies for making offers.

  • Preparation of purchase offers.

  • Coordination and evaluation of inspections, loans, other details during the purchase process. Final inspection of the property before closing.

  • Real estate representation on the closing day.

  • Report on property status and adjusted value after purchase.

  • Evaluation of property management companies.

  • Coordination of property management.

  • Exclusive representation if you want to rent your property. Administration of the rented property.

  • Market evaluation if you want to re-sell the property.

  • Exclusive representation in the sale of your properties in the cities and countries where we operate (the sales commission is independent of this exclusive representation contract for the purchase of real estate).

  • Investment opportunities in real estate projects, such as land development, hotels and shopping centers.

  • Investment opportunities in the closed circle of VIP investors for special projects in Spain and the United States. The Beehive Investment Club.

  • Tax advice- initial preparation of your personal and business income tax returns.

  • Confidentiality and protection of your data.

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Once we determine the best strategy to help you achieve your investment, tax and immigration goals, we create a time table and action plan; and we coordinate with the team the necessary meetings and the plan to follow.


There are many details in the formation of a business plan and investment and life strategies abroad, as well as many people and companies involved in one way or another. We treat each investor confidentially and uniquely, therefore, we create a series of steps to follow in detail, according to the situation of each client. Each of them involves details, processes and people who are responsible for ensuring that each step is completed in such a way that the investment and migration process is successful.

For those people who wish to invest and reside in Spain, we work directly with the team of AvaLaw professionals, a firm specialized in providing immigration, tax, legal and other services to make their transition and relocation a pleasant and smooth process.


  • The workshops and seminars offered by Business For Life.

  • Personal and family financial health plan.

  • Invitation to be part of the Business For Life team.

  • Advice on creating your own investment team and group.

  • Access to the direct international real estate team.

  • Multiple personalized one-to-one sessions.

To obtain a face-to-face or virtual / confidential meeting with Coach Saul Serna, please check the availability of times in the calendar.

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