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Saul Serna Coach

Saul Serna Coach

Saul Serna Coach



I am a person dedicated to transforming ideas into results and I am passionate about working with people who want to prosper and are committed to themselves in achieving their goals. I immigrated to the United States from Colombia at the age of 17, studied business administration and specialized in the real estate sector in the commercial and investment area.


During my working life I have achieved many of my goals and I have learned that as important as it is to achieve goals, it is the person you become achieving them… the character you develop and the example you leave.


I had the pleasure to share my experiences and knowledge with thousands of people through my seminars, coaching and books, and at my 56 years, I focused on studying and evaluating the process my clients follow and results the achieved. The result of my studies helped me decoded and develop what i call The Prosperity Formula in life and in business.


I coach entrepreneurs with their businesses so that they obtain economic benefits that allow them to invest intelligently in real estate. This investments strategies helps them generate residual income which  allows them to enjoy family time, wealth and prosperity.


I look forward to having the pleasure of sharing, the privilege of coaching you, and the opportunity to be part of your prosperity.

Bernarda Bueno De Serna

Bernarda Bueno De Serna

Entrepreneur & Businesswoman

Nathaly Confections

To have a profitable business it is important to have the necessary tools to build it. This book introduces us to these tools, which are essential not only to build it, but to have a better quality of life. The formula is to LOVE what you do and do what you love. I recommend not skipping a single page of the book, as you will find many useful tips.

Juan Manuel Barrientos

Juan Manuel Barrientos

Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur

Founder of heaven

I like how loving what you do relates to the DNA of the entrepreneur, the natural daily attitude to do what you love and love what you do. These lessons teach us how to develop habits of prosperity, conscience and family to live happily, since at the end of the day prosperity is in doing what you love and the wealth in the family that you form.

Guillermo y Crystian Mayorga

Guillermo & Crystian Mayorga

Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs

SVS security

This book gives us a guide on how to be the best we can be as a family business. The challenges that an entrepreneur has in their businesses growing up can be turned into great opportunities through good communication and a desire to prosper as a family. Knowing how to listen and being able to advise him, have confidence in himself and relate well as presented in lesson B9, are fundamental.

Inversionistas Juan David e Isabel

Juan David and Isabel


This whole process has been lovely because within everything we have learned, we have found people with a lot of knowledge, with a lot of service capacity and that's why we feel so calm. The teamwork has been incredible.

Our trip to Rockford, seeing the properties and getting to know the city was also essential, apart from having contact with you. The growth was not only financial, but also personal.

Inversionista Rodrigo Buitrago

Rodrigo Buitrago


Saúl is a wonderful person, I fully trust all the decisions and actions that he recommends.

I take with me the total confidence that one can do things well done and not only thinking about money. As well as the phrase "if I want to go fast I go alone, but if I want to go further I go as a team"

Inversionista Juan David

Luis Restrepo


We came with all the expectations of getting to know the city and when we arrived we got a positive image due to the infrastructure of the properties, the operation of the city, the commerce.

On the other hand, the experience of living with Saúl in the counseling stage, we feel very well treated and we feel that who we are dealing with is the people and professionals we have to talk to. 

Supremely positive experience.


Welcome to the best business in the world, the investment business! As entrepreneurs we work in our businesses with the purpose of building a solid foundation that allows us to grow and prosper to a point where our business runs consistently and generates enough money for us to invest. Most of us entrepreneurs have the illusion of having our investments and receiving a residual income that allows us to relax and enjoy a great quality of life and financial security.

Our coaching program for entrepreneurs and investors helps them transform that illusion of investing into a solution...that desire into a result. Saúl serna, the coach, through his experience as an entrepreneur and investor, has developed coaching systems to help entrepreneurs live their potentialentrepreneurship and develop the skills and habits of successful investors.