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I am very excited to share a project that will change lives. We know it will make a big difference and tremendous impact in the lives of the students, teachers, and the entire Maasai community at the Olepoipoi School in Kenya.

Since we started our coaching program, we have seen a tremendous transformation in the school and the community. Due to the need of the students and their families, we decided to build a kindergartner classroom and a Maasai centric library. We call it “THE MAASAI BEEHIVE”.

We have started our project to build this multipurpose space to accommodate the 50 kindergarteners that will be starting their early childhood education, combined with a Maasai centric library to learn and share their culture with the world and, a meeting room for the Maasai community.

This is what we call “THE MAASAI BEEHIVE”. A place that will inspire learning, awake the imagination, and connect the Maasai culture with the world through the values of respect and appreciation.


“THE MAASAI BEEHIVE” is the place to BEHAVE as ONE. It will Mark a before and after in the community. It will attract more students, visitors, and the little ones will begin their early childhood educational experience at a different level.


We are not planning on doing it, we already began construction, and we are working hard to deliver and inaugurate our “MAASAI BEEHIVE” on March 8th, 2024. To complete this Project, we will need and additional $25,000 USD. Each donation, regardless of the amount, Will help us get closer to achieving our mission.


Would you be willing to collaborate

and help us create the MaAsAi Beehive?


This is a list of the items we'll be including in this project:


  • Construction of the 120 m2 multipurpose space, Maasai Beehive

  • Electric installations

  • 3 Solar Panels

  • 3 Flat screens

  • 3 Laptops

  • 19 Kindergarten Desks

  • 60 Student chairs

  • 30 Meeting rooms chairs

  • Bookshelves and library contents

  • Kindergartner learning materials

  • Children's school clothing

Thank you for your contributions!


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