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individual sessions
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$ 5.oo

Now you can purchase each individual session,

which  includes the introduction to the book,  the workshop and coaching video (s) 



This is the beginning of the book, the workshop, where the bees plan their work and discover the 12 elements that make up the formula for prosperity.

Then in the next 12 sessions they work
your plan. During the time you will spend reading this session, you will find useful tips, strategies and videos that complement the workshop with coach Saul Serna.

Download this session for only $ 5.00 


to be prepared

Preparation prevents poor performance


  People who prosper not only have the desire to prosper, but also the discipline to prepare for and practice prosperity on a daily basis.

To be well prepared we need to have the necessary energy to start, which comes from your desires; the constant strength to persist, which comes out of your commitment, and the desire to finish, which comes out of your faith or beliefs, in short, they need a WILL TO WIN.

So let's get ready to start well, to start winning.

Download this session for only $ 5.00


BE an entrepreneur

To undertake you must detach


It all starts with a deep and authentic desire to undertake something better and to achieve this we must let go of the fear of excuses and fears.

ENTREPRENEURING is starting, it is taking the initiative. Many people  want to be entrepreneurs, start their own  business, having control of their lives, being able to do what they want to do when they want to do it, without being accountable to anyone or depending on anyone, the dream of independence. The reality is that we are all entrepreneurs, the difference is that successful women entrepreneurs GET OFF excuses, envy, what they will say and know that they must be held accountable, and depend on that authentic connection between their deep desires, accountability and the actions to take to achieve your results.

Download this session for only $ 5.00


BE the focus

The energy of focus  

Achieving more results with less effort through focus on what is important and handling what is urgent.

If we think of something positive and focus on this desire, the neurotransmitters will communicate that desire to every cell in our body, they will transmit that energy to it. In the same way, if we have fears, doubts, complexes ... these same neurotransmitters will transmit this signal.

The attention we give to the present, or to the activity, creates a power, the power of attention.

Attention is actually the source of energy… what we focus on expands. It is what we pay attention to that expands ... wealth or poverty.

Download this session for only $ 5.00 


BE the answer

The answer is inside you  

The secret to prosperity is in the questions and not in the answers.

Knowing how to respond is an art, and the more we practice responding, the more skills we develop to respond appropriately.


But how do we practice responses? 

Simply through questions.


As you can see, we are changing the order, because the answer is actually in the question. If I ask better questions, I get better answers and, therefore, we can make better decisions and obtain better results. 

Download this session for only $ 5.00


To be on time

Managing emotions  


Time management is emotion management and we all have the same amount of time but not the same emotions; and  lack of time is lack of priorities.

The purpose of today's session is to learn how to value our time and the time of others, and as a result they will have more time and more value, more days off.

We will see how time management is emotion management  and how we are going to manage our emotional bank account; in fact each of you today received a deposit of  86,400 ...

Download this session for only $ 5.00


Be constant

You become what you constantly think and do


Prosperous thoughts turn into words of action, words into behaviors of integrity, and we are into habits of prosperity.

In today's session we will focus on one word, the word discipline. This is a simple word, however it is one of the most difficult habits to maintain, to be constant, but that, by achieving mastery in perseverance, discipline, will create more self-confidence and will be able to replicate what works with less effort.

Download this session for only $ 5.00 


Be patient

Give full to receive full


  Knowing that we have done what needs to be done, when it had to be done 100%, we can expect what we want to get.

In order to build something durable that resists change, we must have a solid foundation, a solid foundation, because if you build a life or a business using weak or shapeless foundations, it is only a matter of time before it collapses with it. first tremor or change of nature.


The patience that must be exercised in ensuring over and over again that the foundation is solid is essential for growth.

You can hope for the best  result when you have put the first 3 ingredients, A..M ... A ...

Download this session for only $ 5.00


Be yourself

To be or not to be is not the answer ... it is the question  


Each has within it a unique and irreplaceable formula and composition, DNA, its A ctitud D Iaria N atural.

This is something that no one has had or will have, only you, therefore it is the most valuable thing that exists ... you are responsible for your Daily Attitude

Being yourself helps you feel complete, since as we have learned in past sessions, they have the answer and they are complete. Do not compare yourself with anyone but with your own potential, therefore, you do not have complexes for comparison, only goals for improvement.

Focus on what you have and   not what you need.   

Download this session for only $ 5.00


Be optimistic

The energy that infects - expanding your desires


We are all energy and as such we have positive friends  (Opti) and negatives (Pesi), it is about choosing our friends well ... knowing what energy  around us.

By being aware and wishing the best for others, our energy is charged even more. By wishing that the wishes of others are also fulfilled, our own attractive force expands.

That OPTI-yourself, seeing yourself through the lens (opti) of the collective consciousness of collaboration and love, will help you.  even more to be positive, to radiate positive energy, this OPTI, or lens helps us to see things as they are, real and positive.

In this session we are going to expand those conscious desires and intentions to others, to  the beings we love, we are going to transmit and infect with desires and positive energy not only our own desires, but  those of the others.

Download this session for only $ 5.00 


BE advisable

You  you are the best coach!  


It's about learning to listen and act with integrity. No one knows your truth and answers better than you.


Today I will introduce you to 6 coaches, advisors, who will help you for the rest of your lives to maintain an attitude 10,  100% potential. By listening carefully, you can maximize your performance with less effort and begin to discover new skills by making small adjustments.

Are they ready?

Download this session for only $ 5.00


To be creative

There is more than one way to achieve the result  


We were created to create and when we believe is when we create - it's about believing MORE in ourselves  same.

In this session we are going to take all this that they are and they are going to create more ways to manifest it, they are going to use creativity to design different paths to success and to create mind maps that allow them to find more than one solution.

By thinking with possibilities and acting with faith, we activate creativity. The energy that is created when it is being created is stronger than the energy that is expended when it is being used in excuses.

Being masters of solutions, others will want to work with you, they will attract other people  who wish to work with you, since your proposal to BE, to live will be unique and irresistible.

Download this session for only $ 5.00


BE a good example

Our actions speak louder than words


They are the spark of the transformation we want in the world.      Actions generate results.

By simply being who you are and acting as such, your presence creates peace and serenity,… your presence is enough to light the way for others, and set an example of prosperity, collaboration and harmony.

From now on you simply must maintain the intention of peace and prosperity and thus attract more peace and prosperity into your lives and  the life of the beings that surround them.  This is the best way to BE and actually make a difference in the world, this is the best example you can set.

In this session we will focus on understanding the impact that our actions have on others and on ourselves, and as a result I want to motivate them to be exemplary in all aspects of their lives and live by the motto:  actions speak louder than words.


Are they ready?

Download this session for only $ 5.00


complex b

The complex that removes the complexes that hold us back on the path to prosperity, peace and harmony.

Each of you has undergone a new training through counseling in the recognition and application of the B complex. The 12 vitamins of  the prosperity of complex B has given them the strength not only to remove the complexes that block their vision, such as  fears, excuses and ignorance, but  too  They have revitalized and recharged their passion to BE all that they wish to be.  


Who they are is more important than what they do.


This session presents  a summary  how the 12 corporate vitamins and the B complex, applied to your measure, transform wishes into results and excuses into action.  


Download this session for only $ 5.00

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