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This program is designed for those who wish to enjoy the B12 coaching program on their own schedule. They can select and view any of the 13 coaching sessions 24/7. Sessions are prerecorded.

Entrepreneurs who participate in this program receive the printed book, the digital book with links and access to 12 recorded virtual sessions in which Coach Saúl Serna shares his experience, and presents a summary of the lesson and droplets of honey (coaching tips ) that allows you to create your own prosperity formula. You will also receive your own transformation journal, in which you can document your progress, write down the ideas and strategies that best suit the way you think and work. It is recommended to do one session per week, however, you can take as long as you like reviewing the coaching sessions. 

Coaching on your own schedule

    • Printed B12 Book - a copy sent to your address
    • The digital B12 Book- with links to recorded coaching sessions
    • Access to 12 virtual coaching sessions for entrepreneurs
    • Transformation Diary- Digital- Your own manual for writing and keeping track of your own transformation.
    • A live session with coach Saul Serna- 45 Minutes
    • 50% discount on Business For Life events and seminars
    • Paperback book
    • 256 full color pages
    • Measures 16cm x 23cm
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