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This digital book presents real stories and challenges as a fable, as well as the 12 business vitamins, coaching and strategies for both personal and business transformation that have helped our clients not only remove excuses, complexes and fears, but also recharge. his natural energy and passion to achieve more tangible and economic results.


In each chapter of the book you will find links to download and watch videos where the coach introduces you to "honey goths" as tips that help you build a prosperous life and profitable business. They will also discover the 4 mental laws of success and can download the prosperity diary, to document their ideas and define their own formula for prosperity.


The Formula works! And it is presented in a simple and direct way that applies and adjusts to the measure of each person according to their needs and level of own commitment.

The Prosperity Formula

  • You will be able to download this version of the complete book and enjoy reading on your mobile, computer and watching the videos with "coaching tips" or honey goths that sweeten your success in each session.

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