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To help you be even more successful in applying the lessons and strategies presented in the book, in addition to the B12 book, you can download the workbook that complements this transformation program. In it you will find the essence of each business and personal vitamin and the worksheets so that each week you can recharge your energy and passion and advance on the path of peace and prosperity. This workbook is titled "Transformation Diary" and you can download it so that you can write your own transformation story, key tips and create your own formula for your prosperity.

Book B12 The formula for GOLD PROSPERITY

    • Printed B12 Book - a copy sent to your address
    • The digital B12 Book- with links to recorded coaching sessions
    • Transformation Diary- Digital- Your own manual for writing and keeping track of your own transformation.
    • Paperback book
    • 256 full color pages
    • Measures 16cm x 23cm
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