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The energy that infects - expanding your desires


In this session we are going to expand those wishes and conscious intentions to others, to the beings we love, we are going to transmit and infect with desires and positive energy not only our own desires, but those of others.  Includes the introduction to the book, the workshop.


We are all energy and as such we have positive friends  (Opti) and negatives (Pesi), it is about choosing our friends well ... knowing what energy  around us.

By being aware and wishing the best for others, our energy is charged even more. By wishing that the wishes of others are also fulfilled, our own attractive force expands.

That OPTI-yourself, seeing yourself through the lens (opti) of the collective consciousness of collaboration and love, will help you.  even more to be positive, to radiate positive energy, this OPTI, or lens helps us to see things as they are, real and positive.


Session B9 - Be Optimistic

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