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Our actions speak louder than words and are the spark of the transformation we want in the world. Actions generate results.


In this session we will focus on understanding the impact that our actions have on others and on ourselves, and as a result I want to motivate them to be exemplary in all aspects of their lives and live by the motto: actions speak louder than words. Includes the introduction to the book, the workshop.


Are they ready?


By simply being who you are and acting as such, your presence creates peace and serenity,… your presence is enough to light the way for others, and set an example of prosperity, collaboration and harmony.

From now on you simply must maintain the intention of peace and prosperity and thus attract more peace and prosperity into your lives and  the life of the beings that surround them.  This is the best way to BE and actually make a difference in the world, this is the best example you can set.

Session B12 - Be a Good Example

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